Maximising Your Garden Space with Grow Netting

Grow Your Vegetables and Fruits Through Grow Netting System

The hortomallas net used for plant support
The grow netting system is and ideal option for cultivate your crops in a little spaces.

Use of grow netting has become a popular option for people who do not have big spaces for their gardens. If you have been having second thought about growing your favourite vegetables and fruits because you do not have the ground space for a garden, then your next nest option is trellising. This has been used by many people because it allows them to grow crops vertically and successfully.

Why Would You Need Grow or Trellis Netting

Trellis netting system has been around the gardening and farming industry for many years. It is a popular system because it helps the flowers and plants to thrive and grow properly and healthy. Most plants have no ability to stand on their own and therefore they need support, which can be effectively provided by a durable netting system.

Training the plants to go in the right direction is one of the many benefits of using netting systems. By being able to teach the young plants to grow up rather than grow all around, they are saved from potential damages that are very common among plants growing on the ground.

hortomallas used for support in cropfield.
This system helps to the plant to get a good growth avoiding any possible damage.

Trellising, as mentioned above, helps in maximizing the use of available space. By training the plants to grow up, there is more room to grow more plants. This makes your garden more productive, while also providing it with a garden cool look.

Crops Ideal for Grow Netting

There are many crops that can be grown using grow netting or trellises. Varieties of beans and peas need netting or trellising so that they can climb properly. Melons, cucumbers and squash crops can also gain benefit from plastic net systems. These crops produce cleaner and straighter fruits because they grow on trellises which allow them to be safe from different damages that can be acquired from being exposed to ground soil.

Some varieties of tomatoes are also ideal to grow on trellises or through caging systems. By being caged or staked, these tomato varieties can produce fresher and cleaner fruits because they did not rot or have been slug-eaten. These plants also gained the benefit of being disease-free by growing up and away from the ground.

hortomallas net with a plant
Apply this system in your plants provide a better growth and improve the quality of the harvest.

Trellising for Vine Crops

If you have a small spaced garden, bypassing crops that are requiring a lot of space, is a good option. You can just opt to plant bush varieties or the short-vine crops like cucumbers, squash and melons. It is also possible though to plant long-vined plant varieties if you can train them to grow properly on trellises.

You can make a trellis system out of different materials. Plastic net is one good example because it can be reused. When building a trellis, it is important to have a couple of vertical supports and a mesh should be suspended in between to offer support for the climbing plants. If you are using metal or wood, the materials need to be pounded deeply into the ground to ensure that the trellis will be able to withstand strong winds.

cropfield using Hortomallas net for support
For get a good stability is very recommendable the use of the staples or nail.

There are several materials that are usually used as mesh or trellis netting. As mentioned above, plastic is widely available, while galvanized fencing and chicken wire are still very much around. If you are planting crops that yield large fruits, your best bet would be the heavier mesh. The trick to trellising this way is attaching the trellis with staples, nails and locking to the supports. That way you can be assured of the grow netting’s stability.

For planting peas and beans, simple trellising systems are sufficient. Most of these varieties are short-statured or bush types, so they can be easily trained to grow on trellises. Some of them may produce long vines though, thus support is important. Lightweight netting can provide the needed support.

Use of Sea-Of-Green

The SOG or sea-of-green method is a gardening system used if an early bloom is needed. This technique forces the plant to bloom earlier than the usual so that an early harvest can be made possible.

Growing crops through SOG method means that there is no need for any specialized equipment or training. This method is largely dependent on lighting and pruning. However, it also requires a lot of effort and labour, as well as sufficient space for growing. The best plants to grow using the SOG method are those that can be forced to flower quicker. One good example is cannabis.

mallajuana used for apply SOG method
The SOG method too is a option for the grow of the plants, this method is Commonly used in plants with a fast grow.

Netting Lifespan

Before you install or set up your trellis netting system, one important factor to take into consideration is the length of time you intend to use the system. The decision on this issue will determine the materials to use. If you are intending to leave the trellis netting installed after harvesting, it would be ideal to use the most durable materials and make sure that your support has been properly staked and attached. A trellis system that has been taken care of properly can actually last up to five years before you will need to have it replaced. So, this means that this is a really economic gardening option.

It is also important to know that the lifespan of a trellis will be dependent on the weather conditions in your area. If you experience severe winters or if your area is prone to hurricanes then you may have to plan your gardening carefully. It would also be ideal to have your trellises uninstalled during the harsh weather conditions.

Plastic materials may not be able to withstand strong winds, but they can effectively prevent rotting and rusting, which could potentially damage the plants. Wood materials are bio-degradable so they would just blend with nature. Metals are the most durable materials and they can actually stay standing during harsh and severe winters.

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