Grow Netting for Your Vegetable and Fruit Crops

Grow Cannabis Faster Through Grow Netting

With a good support your crops will win the best growth and quality on the harvest.

The net can provide a good support for get a good growth to your crops.Crop production can be a tiring and difficult endeavor, but it can also be very rewarding especially so if you have done all the right things for the benefit of your plants. There are several ways to keep your crops healthy as they grow. One of the most popularly used methods of growing crops – vegetable and fruits – is vertical farming. It is a process wherein the plants are trained to grow up into the net or trellis instead of growing out and spreading about. With the use of a grow netting system, you can efficiently provide growing space for your plants, while giving them sufficient support and protection, as well.

With the grow system your provide a growth more healthier to your plants.

Grow Netting is Proven the Best for Cannabis Growing

Grow netting is a vertical farming method that is more commonly used by cannabis growers. The reason for this is because this method is proven to provide the much needed support for the plants. The problem with cannabis plants is that they tend to get too heavy as they mature. The stems also get kinky, therefore will not be able to support the flowers’ weight. With trellising though, heavy flowers are supported properly, thus stress is alleviated from the stems.

The net provide the correct tutoring for the good growth and the quality of the crops.Growing marijuana indoors means the plants are denied of sufficient supply of sunlight. But sometimes, it is necessary to grow indoors due to some reasons like lack of space. Hemp netting is a brilliant technique for plant cultivation in helping them grow into healthy and strong crops that could significantly increase yields. Use of ‘marijuana grow netting’ or trellis would provide support for the plants’ growth. This method will also bring the plants up to their highest potential through the netting’s physical framework. With this support system and the farmer’s skills to direct the plants’ growth in the right direction, cannabis growing is surely going to be easy and very productive.

The Best Vertical Gardening Summer Crops

Apart from the use in the cannabis crops, you can use the system in other crops like tomatoes or cucumbers.

Using grow netting technique is not exclusive for cannabis growing. Trellising has also proven itself effective for other climbing crops. Additionally, this is also a proven space-saving method that allows farmers to grow crops in limited spaced gardens. Some of the best crops for vertical gardening include peas, cucumber, squash and tomatoes.

The vertical method is the ideal method for support of the crops, helping to the plants avoiding the prescence of the pathogens

  • Sugar Snaps

The pea variety called the Sugar Snap is among the favorites. It looks like a shelling pea, but rather than eaten young, the peas mature inside to retain crispiness and taste until the pod dries out. To achieve the best yield for Sugar Snap pea growing, you should provide a grow netting that can support vines that can grow up to six feet.

  • Orient Express

For the cucumber variety, the Orient Express is a good choice for trellising system. Most cucumber varieties have tendrils that can effectively grasp the trellis and then climb for up to four feet high. The Orient Express is special because it has slender and long fruits that can stay perfectly straight even when hanged down.

  • Vegetable Spaghetti

In the squash family, the Vegetable Spaghetti variety is ideal for growing with trellising method. This variety is native to Mongolia, but can strive well anywhere. It can be planted on the ground, but while growing the vigorous vines will consumer lots of space. That is why garden netting is more advisable. After all, this plant has tendrils that can climb. One cucumber plant of this variety can bear up to 12 fruits with average weight of five pounds each. The fruits stay on the vine until they ripen. It is easy to tell if the fruits are ready for harvesting, they turn yellow.

  • Better Boy

Tomatoes are easily trained for climbing. There was the Big Boy variety, which has been long time favorite. Then came Better Boy, which is the current favorite tomato variety for vertical farming. The latter is a derivative of the former and it has improved resistance to diseases and more vigorous. For an effective Better Boy farming, the vines should be tied to a strong pole (like bamboo pole) or placed inside a tomato cage. Let the vine grow so that it can poke (through the mesh or holes) its side branches, and then it becomes self-sufficient. The fruits of this tomato variety are meaty, delicious and large.

Choosing the Best Netting System

Exist many methods for support and grow of the crops like: hemp netting, sea of greeen and screen of green.

The best netting system to use depends on the type of crops you are growing. For cannabis, the hemp netting is an ideal option, and so is the Sea of Green. For tomatoes, you can use the tomato cage or tomato ring (ideal for determinate tomato varieties), and you can also incorporate an extensive trellising system. For indeterminate tomatoes, the full trellising system works best (using the SCROG system is ideal as it allows the crops to yield more and grow up into beautiful canopies).

The main benefit of using a trellis for growing crops is that it allows you to be a farmer even if your garden has limited space. The objective of the netting method is for the plants to be trained to go up using their vines or tendrils. This eliminates the need for large ground space or more soil.

Applying the Sea of green method you proivde to your crops of a ideal support for the growth them.

Netting is also beneficial for training some plants to produce flowers or fruits faster – like the Sea of Green method. This is indeed a big advantage especially if you are not just having issues with lack of space, but also with lack of time.

Another advantage of using a netting system is that it prevents rotting – particularly in tomatoes, melons, zucchinis and cucumbers. Although some farmers have apprehensions when it comes to trellising melons, zucchinis and cucumbers, there should be no reason to. It would be very disappointing if you find rotting cantaloupe instead of a fresh one because the fruit sat too long on the ground. A durable and stable trellis system can support these crops. You can prevent that from happening by elevating the plant above the ground through grow netting system.

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